Looking for a Different Experience?

    From very exclusive Destination Spas to your local Day Spas there is a spa experience for everyone, MEN INCLUDED!


    Why visit a spa?

    • Relieve stress or feel relaxed
    • Pampering and self indulgence
    • Feel better about yourself
    • Redeem a gift certificate
    • Improve mental or physical health
    • Improve appearance
    • Enjoy a special occasion regulate body weight
    • Prescribed by a physician

    There are 6 different kinds of spas. Let me help you find yours.


    1. Destination Spa- Their sole purpose is to provide guests with lifestyle improvement and health enhancement through professionally administered spa services, physical fitness, education and healthy spa cuisine that are coordinated to facilitate take – home habits. THE ULTIMATE “GET AWAY FROM IT ALL”EXPERIENCE.
    2. Hotel Spa- They are owned by the hotel or run by a separate business and may include some spa cuisine on the hotel dining menu. Great for business guests and special occasions such as bachelorette parties.
    3. Resort Spa- Located in many resorts and feature an “opt-out” feature. One of you can indulge in the spa while the other can play golf or ski or just enjoy the ultimate beach holiday.
    4. Cruise Ship Spa- Rivals other land based spas but on your cruise ship! Possibly your first spa experience, especially for men. Why not consider a couples massage?
    5. Medical Spa- Their primary purpose is for healing or medical/cosmetic procedures. These spas are supervised by medical personnel.
    6. Day Spa- These provide a healing, beautifying or pampering experience in a short amount of time. Two Thirds of all spa visits are to a Day spa.
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